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  Purity Herbs Products 
Purity Herbs"Knowing how chemicals in beauty products can harm my skin, I was always looking for a natural product that is kind to the skin but also effective as well. Last year during my trip to Iceland my skin got really dry and sensitive. After asking to local people, I have tried the local brand Purity Herbs which uses special blends of local herbs without any chemicals. I instantly felt that it calmed and cared for my skin!! You can even smell the herbs and feel the goodness it contains with every drop of the product!! And it lasts for so long thanks to the novel pump technology, I enjoy till the very last drop. Thank you Purity Herbs!!!" - Gonul Ozyurtlu,Turkey. August 2017

Viking Balm

 Viking Balm

This special ointment is 100% natural, made of sweet almond oil and bee wax and it contains a blend of powerful Icelandic herbs that are known to have disinfectant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.



 Messages from Customers:

''A long life with psoriasis plagues finally ends!  Asbjorn Hagen was only 16 years old when he first developed psoriasis, and has since then struggled to find something that would really help for his suffering. Finally he found Purity Herbs Viking balm, which proved to have a major effect almost immediately. This summer I was given a jar with Viking balm. I especially liked that it was 100% natural, and started using it right away. The Viking balm consists of almond oil, beeswax and lots of antiseptic and healing herbs. And for the first time, an ointment actually helped! At the time I struggled with terrible big psoriasis spots on the legs, across the back and scalp. I applied a thin layer of Viking balm on these areas before I went to bed at night, and repeated this every night. After three days there was a noticeable difference, and after four weeks it was all gone! I have been free from spots ever since, and have not had a relapse. Now I always have a jar of Purity Herbs Viking balm with me!'' Asbjorn Hagen, Norway, November 2012

"...another cream that I have unwavering belief in is Viking Balm, it is so handy and should be in every home; for cold sores, pimples, all kinds of infections in the throat and nose - I take it with me wherever I go." Singurlaug, Iceland

''A middle aged man with very tough, dry and cracked skin on his heels and a lot of itching says nothing has worked as well as Viking Balm to relieve itching and heal the skin on his feet.'' Gunnar, Iceland

''Hello, I need to know what is in the ointment Viking Balm that has a calming effect on me whenI inhale the aroma that comes from the jar. This has helped me in exams and other stressful situations. I was wondering if it is also in the balm for the feet. It is also available in the pharmacy here. Look forward hearing from you:-) your products are wonderful'' Erna, Iceland

''Good day! I just wanted to write to you and compliment you on your ointment Viking balm. For a long time I had very bad cracked fingertips that just get worse and worse, especially when it is cold outside and when I work a lot with paper in my hands.... Anyway, I bought this ointment last week, after using it for two nights the wounds were closed and this has almost gone now. It is an absolute miracle just wanted to share this.''  Anna, Iceland

''I would like to tell you my experience with the Viking balm. I had 2 operations as I had breast cancer, after which another 3 weeks of radiotherapy.  In all this time Viking balm has been my best friend. After each radiotherapy session the skin area would become red and sore, I would apply the Viking balm after the session, and then again in the evening and the redness will disappear by the next morning. I finished the radiotherapy sessions few days ago and I am happy that my skin looks healthy. I am also happy that this ointment is natural without side effects and I can use it as much as I want to. Thank you.''  Helen M, UK, March 2015

From Facebook:

''Hello :) I just want to tell you that I have rosacea skin with rash, blisters and red painful skin all over my face. I have been using tablets and various creams that I have received from a physician. I came across this ointment, Purity Herbs Viking balm, and I do not regret a single minute that I tried this! I was in severe pain in the face when I started applying it, and the day after I had no pain, the blisters were drying up and soon they were completely gone! In only one day! I am sooo happy! This is unbelievable! Thanks for your Viking balm!! :) MIRACLE BALM!!!'' Linn Paulsen, Norway, December 2014

''I came in to your Akureyri office/store 2 weeks ago while on holiday and purchased the Viking balm (alongside the algal facial cream and body lotion) which you recommended to help with my recent surgery scars and radiotherapy burns, all I can say is thank you do much!!! My skin is amazing and I have no redness left at all and it's healing brilliantly!'' Alexandria M., UK, March 2015 

''I have used it for one day, and already it's working on my Psoriasis. I have been using steroid creams on my psoriasis which kind of travels from my elbows to my wrist. I applied Viking balm. I only used a small amount, and this morning I had a very early shower, and noticed a huge difference after the one application.'' Astra H., UK, April 2015 

Wonder Cream


Wonder Cream

This cream is the first product Purity Herbs ever produced. Wonder Cream contains a complex formula of 15 powerful and carefully selected Icelandic herbs that quite literally work wonders!

Wonder Cream has shown, for over two decades, curative effects on all varieties of skin disorders and for people of all ages. Extremely curative for sores, minor burns and severely dry skin. Has also proven very helpful for teenage skin problems because of its curative properties


Messages from Customers:

"I've had very bad skin problems on my face for 10 years. I had been going from one dermatologist to another over the years and went through all kind of drug treatments again and again to get better. The treatments only gave me temporary relief and the acne, eczema and rosacea always came back. A few months ago I bought Purity Herbs Cream Wonder because I was beginning to suspect that I might be allergic to some ingredients in Cosmetics.  Also, I stopped using COSMETIC foundation. I have to say that my face has not been this good for 10 years and I thank Wonder Cream for that. Now I have added Purity Herbs Cleansing Milk, Facial Tonic and the Eye Cream to my facial routine. All of these are wonderful products. Go Purity Herbs! "   ...Sigga, Iceland

''I could not believe my own eyes when I looked in the mirror this morning, thanks Purity Herbs. Went to the pharmacy yesterday and tried only from the "tester" jar of wonder cream on my chin where I always have persistent wounds. When I touched the chin this morning it was "smooth as a baby ass", almost. Jumping into the bathroom and could not believe my own eyes. I would never believe this without trying myself. Now I know what I will replace everything in my Bathroom cupboards with Purity Herbs products. How many wonder cream has one not acquired in the past with all kind of promises!!!  Now I have found the Wonder cream.'' ...Gutny, Iceland                                                                                                                                                                                  

''I have to tell you that your Wonder cream dried out eczema on my daughter in two days. I would recommend these great products that you are making. Good luck.''  .Sincerely, Maria, Norway

''I have used the Wonder Cream from a sample you sent me and I will definitely purchase it. I had such dry skin especially T-zone, with eczema which I could never get rid of. But using this cream twice a day for the last week fixed a problem which I had for years. Great product which suits my skin perfectly!'' Ana Maria R, UK, April 2015                                                                                                                                                  

''I want to thank Purity Herbs for the wonderful results I had with Wonder cream on my face. I started using Wonder cream for some minor burns and I quickly noticed the improvement - the colour of the skin has changed and the burns have almost disappeared.     I was very worried about a flat mole that started growing on my right cheek; it looked a lot like melanoma and although I was afraid to do a biopsy I decided to try Wonder cream on it. To my biggest surprise the mole started shrinking in a few days and the colour started changing. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and it's less than half its initial size. I'm forever thankful to Purity Herbs for introducing me to this miracle cream and I'll keep recommending it to everyone.'' Adriana M, Canada, October 2015

,,The Wonder cream is actually for my 6 year old daughter who has eczema and we have tried many types of cream but only wonder cream is effective for her.''  Wai Mun, UK, October 2017

The Rose Wonder


   The Rose Wonder



Rich and luxurious cream to strengthen and nourish mature, dry or malnourished skin. In this special cream is a blend of carefully selected herbs, oils and essential oils which may slow down the aging process and have firming effects on the skin.

Messages from Customers:

''I would like to tell people about the amazing cream from Purity Herbs.  I have been using the facial cream The Rose wonder and I see a big difference in the skin. I´m almost free of redness (red under the skin of the cheek) and I have noticed that the fine lines that were begun to form are now gone, and this just happens in a very short period of time, I think I had only been using the cream for about 2 weeks, but l noticed a difference immediately. It has increased both freshness and a more beautiful skin tones. Today I use only The Rose Wonder on the face and have not renewed my fine French creams, because I've never seen a better performance of any cream, sincerely recommend it. Thanks so much.'' Lauga

 ''The Rose Wonder is amazing cream, I am very happy with it, I just glow and my skin has been ageing better. Thank you for this amplified cream.'' Yours,  Stína

 ''I have been using Facial serum and The Rose Wonder almost daily for over a year now. I do not use make up any more because I just feel the skin is smooth and fresh as it is now without it, yet, I am 45 years old.'' Rannia

Calendula Oil   

 Calendula Oil

 Exceptionally mild and nourishing, the Calendula Oil is one of Purity Herbs most popular body oils.   Great for damaged skin and scalp, rashes and other skin disorders as it calms and soothes the     skin providing the maximum hydration. Specifically recommended for sensitive skin. Calendula Oil   helps to promote skin renewal and increased skin elasticity and is therefore excellent for pregnant   women who want to prevent skin stretch marks.


Messages from Customers:

''I want to tell about my experience of Purity Herbs products. I am in my seventies and have been battling with psoriasis since my teens. I found Purity Herbs products several years ago and began to use nourishing Calendula oil for the entire body with amazing results, I also used the oil in the scalp where there was much psoriasis and I also swim daily. The oil did a great benefit for my skin and scalp. I tell everyone I know of this experience in the hope that those who have a similar problem how to tackle it like I did and get recovery with these natural products.'' ThanksVeiga


Joint Relief Oil     Joint Relief Oil

  This oil helps to stimulate circulation and reduce swelling and aches in your       joints. Contains Icelandic moss, willow bark and meadow sweet extracts that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties as well as containing thyme and rosemary essential oils that provide you with the warming feeling this oil brings your body.

'' I have sustained knee injury 6 months ago. I am not keen on using painkillers so I have decided to try the Joint relief oil. I have been applying it few times a day, and I had started noticing the difference pretty much straight away. The pain seemed to have eased off and swelling has reduced. I am also a massage therapist and use this oil for treating my clients who come to me with any aches and pains. The oil smells lovely, it's easy to apply and only small amount is needed and it is full of amazing herbs!'' Danuta N, UK

Hekla Volcanic Body Scrub


Hekla Volcanic Body Scrub

Powerful body scrub that will let new skin emerge to the surface and fill you up with volcanic energy. Hekla Volcanic Body Scrub is a powerful and energizing body scrub that contains lava from Hekla.


Product review by Amazing PR:


Even men need to relax at the end of a tough day, and here at The Amazing Blog I often find myself in desperate need of a calming bath at the end of a particularly long day. When that time comes around, I immediately reach for Purity Herbs Hekla Volcanic Body Scrub. This scrub, which contains lava from Hekla volcano, is the perfect way to scrub away the stress of the day. It works to exfoliate and remove dead skin and tough dirt. After the scrub is washed away, it leaves skin so soft and clean that it feels brand new. Any stress I may have begun with was quickly erased once I discovered how revitalized this scrub made me feel. The scrub is far more than an exfoliator. More than removing dirt and dead skin, it contains natural essential oils such as Grapefruit peel oil, lavender oil and bergamot oil that energize. A quick scrub leaves body and mind feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you find yourself in need of a soak, Purity Herbs Volcanic Body Scrub can be bought here 

Shark Cream 

I stumbled upon these products when I visited Iceland. I was having terrible eczema flare up snd bought some Shark cream in a pharmacy! After 3 days application to my face my eczema has cleared up! NO FLAKING, REDNESS OR ITCHING. My skin has even skin tone, I am very fair skinned and found these products amazing!
I have tried many cream from all price ranges over the years, I was on prescription from a dermatologist for years to treat this eczema on my face. 

I now only buy Shark cream and Ocean Wonder ! I find the price no more expensive than other brands, but the results speak for themselves! I have not used any topical ointments for 3 years. 

The company is also very good with their customer service and would assisst you in any way possible and their service is efficient! Maritza Le Marquand, Jersey, February 2018


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