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Blog - News about the plants in our Purity Herbs products


Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) has been used for centuries in Iceland
and around the world to heal wounds and improve skin conditions.
It contains isovaleric acid, salicylic acid, asparagin,
sterols, flavonoids, bitters, tannins and coumarins.
Yarrow is considered to have anti-inflammatory, healing,
antibacterial and astringent properties to name a few and is a
very interesting herb to use in cosmetics. It is therefore no
wonder that Yarrow is found in many of Purity Herbs products.
Studies on the effects of Achillea millefolium extract on skin has
shown that it has rejuvenating effect on the skin surface.
These rejuvenating effects are increasing epidermal thickness and
to significantly improve wrinkle, pore appearance and skin softness.
The plant also has a long history as a powerful 'healing herb'
used topically for wounds, cuts and abrasions.
These studies support us in Purity Herbs in the belief that
Yarrow is pure wonder for our skin.

With love

Purity Herbs UK

Posted by Purity Herbs UK on 17 November 2014 00:00

Ladies Mantle(Alchemilla vulgaris) is a herbaceous perennial plant
that grows in mountainous regions and forests between April and August.
The name Alchemilla stems from the medieval alchemists.
Lady's mantle is a rich source of tannins, flavonoids, salicylic acid and
mineral salts. It is astrigent and cleansing.
Extracts from the herb have been used to heal wounds, treat eczema and rashes.
That’s why lots of Purity Herbs skincare products contain Ladies Mantle.
Examples: 24 Hour Cream, Herbal Wonder, Wonder Cream, Viking Balm,
Facial Serum, Body Lotion, Baby Oil, etc

With love

Purity Herbs UK

Posted by Purity Herbs UK on 24 November 2014 00:00

These days more and more people realize that 100% natural is our future.

In this world, full of industrialized, processed products and polluted atmosphere we have to survive somehow. Do we have choices? Yes, we have plenty.

Let’s look at our skincare products, although some of them are cheap, but they are full of chemicals. Would you rather have quantity or quality? Is like food. You can eat tons of processed food, but you’ll still feel hungry in the end and your body will crave for more food as processed food is missing the precious enzymes and vitamins.

Women use at least 7 beauty products and toiletries every day – cleanser, toner, moisturizer, soap/shower gel, body lotion, foundation, mascara, eye shadow, lip stick, etc. This can expose you to up to 175 different chemicals. And it has been estimated that women can absorb around 2kg of chemicals through their skin each year.

Mineral oils (found on ingredients lists as parafinnum liquidum, petrolatum) – these form a layer on top of the skin that doesn’t allow the skin to breathe. They are skin irritants, allergens, and potential carcinogens (substances that cause cancer). Mineral oils are found in face and body lotions, baby oils, lipstick.

 Detergents (sodium lauryl sulphate, cocamidopropyl betaine, ammonium lauryl sulphate, cocamide DEA, cocamide MEA) – cause skin irritation. They can promote the formation of cancer-causing substances known as ‘nitrosamines’ in products during storage. To look at Sodium lauryl sulphate in particular, it was originally created for industrial use. When rinsed from the skin, the product will have cleaned the area, but will also have taken moisture from the top layers of the skin. In addition to this, when SLS gets into rivers and ponds, it can affect ducks and other water foul by ‘cleaning’ the natural oils from their feathers. This causes the feathers to lose their waterproofing, which can cause the birds to sink and drown. Detergents are found in shampoo, body wash, shower gel, bubble bath, liquid soaps.

 Fragrances (parfum) - parfum is a mixture of dozens of synthetic chemicals that are linked to asthma, skin irritation, nausea, mood changes, depression, lethargy, irritability and memory lapses. These fragrances are found in most fragranced products.

Preservatives (parabens: methylparaben, ethyl paraben, butylparaben, propylparaben, formaldehyde quaternium, methylisothiazolinone) – cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. Can be neurotoxic. Some, like parabens, are suspected hormone disrupters; they mimic the oestrogen hormone, and have been detected in breast cancer tissue, and in a 2004 UK study, they were found in 18 out of 20 breast tumours. Preservatives are found in most, if not all (except natural products), cosmetics and toiletries.

 In July 2013, doctors and dermatologists warned that everyday exposure to a chemical found in cosmetics and household cleaning products may be responsible for an epidemic of painful skin allergies. Methylisothiazolinone (MI) is found in widely used products and has been particularly linked to increased cases of contact dermatitis.

So, to avoid all these chemicals, we do suggest to use natural skincare products. Even though some natural skincare products can be seen as expensive, they’re actually really good value for money; not only do you get a premium product, you also get a product that will go a long way, and will keep your skin healthy.

Purity Herbs not only uses natural ingredients in their products, but also uses different herbs and essential oils, which are known to heal and restore your skin.

With love

Purity Herbs UK

Posted by Purity Herbs UK on 03 November 2014 00:00
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