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Blog - News about the plants in our Purity Herbs products


Beauty sleep is real, it's free, and it can start for you tonight.
You've probably already noticed that when you don’t sleep well or didn’t
have enough sleep, it shows on your face. Did you have one of those days
when someone would say to you:‘’You look tired, what’s up?’’
“Lack of sleep causes blood vessels to dilate, causing the look of dark circles.
Not enough sleep can also make you more stressed.
While you sleep, your skin renews itself. New skin cells grow and replace older cells.
It's repairing and restoring and rebalancing.
It's also a time when all sorts of hormonal and metabolic changes happen in
and the body, including your skin. A lack of sleep can disrupt those processes.
How much sleep do you need? 7-9 hours of rest nightly should do the trick,
the experts say. But oversleeping can actually increase skin cell breakdown.
Well, I think your body knows best how many hours it needs in order for you to feel good.
Get a good night's sleep tonight and tomorrow, everyone will notice.
They may even tell you how well-rested you look.

 With love

Purity Herbs UK

Posted by Purity Herbs UK on 15 October 2015 01:00
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